The Federal Restaurant Is James Diack’s Latest Creation

James Diack is slam dunking the Jozi culinary scene with yet another brilliant restaurant. Here’s our first-hand take on his latest venture, The Federal. 

the federal

Listen up… Chef Diack is opening his third restaurant, The Federal, and he means business!

You might know Chef Diack from  Coobs Bistro in Parkhurst and/or The National in Parktown North, and now with lucky number three opening its doors, it can only mean that the food gods are sending down their blessing. The restaurant is a manifestation of what I’d say is the meeting of smart and simple interior, along with ridiculously tasty food.

The mouth of the kitchen looks out onto the dining area, making it hard to concentrate on your company at the table because everything being prepared demands your attention. Most of the ingredients used in the kitchen come from Brightside Farm, Diack’s family farm, where he also grew up. What the farm doesn’t produce, Diack sources from suppliers who share a passion for fresh and wholesome food.

For starters, I got lost in the Wild Boar Croquette. When I think wild boar, the idea of tough meat comes to mind, but that wasn’t a thing with this croquette. My main was the Line Fish with baked potato and broccoli. The fish was seamlessly prepared, it was tender and rich with seasoning that seemed to keep presenting itself with each bite. The veggies were what veggies should be, fresh bursting with colour, and a loyal complement to the meal.

When the time came to order dessert, I had the S’mors Pie which got me feeling a little nostalgic. It tasted like a chocolatey upper echelon on  roasted marshmallows, on biscuits dressed in chocolate… need I say more.

If you’re a foodie with an insatiable lust for yummy foods and new treats, then you absolutely must stop by. Whether you’re on a date, or just in the mood to take some time out and feast in good company, then The Federal is always a good idea.

Where: Corner 2nd Avenue and 7th Street Melville

By Mamello Sejake

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