Disrupted Landscapes At Rosebank

Jake Brink’s latest exhibition takes on the world left behind and goes about documenting the remnants of the Johannesburg mining industry.

Gold mining has been re-shaping the veld and hills around Johannesburg for more than a hundred years. Many of the signs of progress we see today owe their existence to mining, however, back when it all started, no one fully considered the disruption it would cause. Jake Brink grew up in Johannesburg during the 1950s to 1970s when Johannesburg was recognised as the gold capital of the world and gold mining was at its pinnacle. Gold was the darling of economists and the main contributor to our national income and few questioned the undesirable by-products of this industry.

Over time gold has lost its shine but the mine dumps have remained as a prominent feature of the Johannesburg landscape. And, after so many years they almost appear natural, as if they’re meant to be here. We have absorbed them into our daily routines, we drive past them on our way to work every day and, unless we are part of one of the less fortunate communities living right next to or on top of a mine dump, we barely notice them.

This lays down the premise for Jake Brink’s upcoming exhibition, Disrupted. Jake never considered himself an environmental activist, but these industrial landscapes have changed him. Jake has become more aware of the impact of mining on our surroundings and it has increased his awareness and empathy with the communities living in and around mine dumps. His latest body of works shows this in hauntingly beautiful images.


Date: April 5th
Time: 18:30
Venue: FotoZA Gallery, the Park, Shop 402 50 Bath Avenue Rosebank Mall Rosebank Johannesburg 2196
Dress: Smart / Casual
RSVP: heleen@kameraz.co.za

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