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DIY isn’t just for mom or dad – Kids can also learn to make their own toys, games, furniture, and so much more! DIY Kids are shown how to use power tools safely and properly and courses are designed especially for kids. The DIY Kids will have the opportunity to use power tools to create their own projects that they can take home.

There are so many youngsters and teens out there who want to learn about woodcraft and DIY – whether they are seven or eighteen! Not only does working with hand and power tools encourage fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination, in older children it also encourages confidence and a feeling of independence. Imagine the pride in making your own toys, or designing and putting together your own bedroom furniture. Youngsters will leave the courses being more aware of their surroundings and have confidence in knowing that they can help mom and dad around the home, or tackle small projects on their own. DIY Kids are also encouraged to look at the various ways that they can design or create projects that are eco-friendly and use sustainable materials, creating awareness and understanding of the global situation we are facing, and how even small projects can make a difference.

DIY Kids classes are designed especially for age groups: five to twelve and thirteen to eighteen. Classes are also offered where mom or dad can attend with children under five. Classes are once a week and run for a full six-month period, during which time the kids are shown how to use hand and power tools safely and with respect. During the initial stage of the courses the DIY Kids will be using hand tools, cordless screwdrivers and sanders. Towards the end of the course they will be introduced to the jigsaw and various Dremel tools, with emphasis on allowing mom or dad to do the cutting for them. The purpose of introducing cutting power tools is to encourage their creativity and be aware of what projects they can or cannot do by themselves.

Classes run throughout the year from January to December. For the remainder of this year (October to December), an introductory course will run for the 3-month period, and the children will be shown projects that they can make as gifts.

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