Does My Bum Wobble?

Does My Bum Wobble?

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Canderel & Meskin Partner in New Theatre Production

Canderel has announced that it is sponsoring renowned actress, Shelly Meskin’s first theatre production, ‘Does My Bum Wobble?’ which she co-wrote with award-winning writer, Thomas Hall.

Showing at the Old Mutual Theatre on the Square from Monday, 17th of November 2008, the production is a hybrid cabaret, comedy and social commentary about three very different women, at three very different stages of their lives, going on three very different blind dates. A show that the producers have touted ‘will have you falling off your seats in laughter as you relate to the stories being played out in front of you.’

“The female target market of the show appeals to a multi cultural group of women between the ages 16 – 45. This age group falls right into the average age group of woman dating today in South Africa. They all have hilarious anecdotes to share, and what could be better than to see their scenarios live on stage. Anyone who has ever dated will identify with at least one of the characters if not all of them,” says Shelley Meskin Co-Writer and Producer of Does My Bum Wobble?

“The format of the show is different. It is not a musical on a large scale, but a cabaret on a smaller stage, in an intimate venue, with a one-on-one appeal for the audiences. The songs will be easily recognisable, yet interesting to listen to as they will be re-orchestrated to fit the storylines,” adds Meskin.

“We want to celebrate and expose SA talent from all sides. Does My Bum Wobble offers South Africans a unique take on the cabaret-comedy format. The show will offer theatre goers a full theatrical experience from the moment they enter the venue,” says Jason Frichol, Group Brand Strategist (Fore Good Investments) & Head of Marketing (MeriBrands).

As Canderel’s second theatre sponsorship after the highly successful No Sugar Canderel Please with Harry Sideropolous, Canderel along with Meskin are taking a revolutionary approach that is set to redefine the marketing and interactivity of theatre.

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