Dr Dre’s First Single off Detox

Dr Dre’s First Single off Detox

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For all those hip hop fans out there that hadn’t heard – Dre has officially named ‘Kush’ as his first single off the elusive Detox album rumoured to be released early 2011 after ten years in the making. But once again the mysterious release is not what it seems.

Dr Dre’s 3rd album has without a doubt been the talk of the urban music industry for the past five or so years with rumours cropping up every day suggesting release dates or collaborations and sometimes, as in the case of ‘Under Pressure’ even an internet leak.

‘Under Pressure’ was received terribly by online critics and Dre was quick to renounce it as a work in progress, also later stating that he wouldn’t release any leaked material on the album, making ‘Under Pressure’ officially his worst material since The Firm back in the late nineties.

A few days ago rumours started circulating about another leak, this time a marijuana themed 2001 sounding track called ‘Kush’. Kush has had the whole internet world talking for days when Dre finely came clean telling popular radio jock Big Boy that he wasn’t happy with the song being leaked and that his hand has been forced to make it his single off the album.

Although unhappy with the leak Dre has asserted that Detox only has a few songs to go, a month of mixing and then the day everyone has been waiting for will finally happen.

Listen to the song on Youtube below.

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