DreamWeigh – The Cellulite Solution

DreamWeigh – The Cellulite Solution

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I’ve never been a girly girl type – I never had manicures, pedicures, facials or an interest in anything related to beauty. As a young girl I would have nightmares of Tinkerbell trying to put make-up on me! So I was feeling nervous and sceptical to say the least as I headed into the DreamWeigh centre.

When I met Rhona, I was immediately put at ease, her professionalism and straight forward approach showed me I had nothing to worry about. I was directed into the clean and tidy therapy room – that had colourful and calming splashes of the DreamWeigh orange.

The treatment started off with a gentle yet intense facial cleaning to ensure that all the gunk and daily pollution was cleansed from my skin.

Next step was to strip down to my underwear for the measurements. Rhona has had tons of success with previous clients and I discovered why … she’s very proficient and ensures that all procedures are followed through accurately from start to finish.

The Melt Away cream was then rubbed into my (and most women’s) problem areas arms, legs, tum and bum. Rhona and I chatted about the millions of Melt Away wraps that have been done worldwide with phenomenal results.

Says Rhona: “Because of the cream’s penetrating ability, it is taken directly into the cell region and instantly affects the vasodilation of the blood vessels, which increases the circulation and removal of waste fluids. The plastic wrap compresses the fat chambers, traps oxygen and accelerates the performance of the Melt Away cream. All without water loss! So there is no size increase when drinking water! There is long-lasting centimetre reduction after every wrap treatment. The Melt Away cream used in conjunction with the plastic wrap, results in skin tightening after each treatment.”

As I was being wrapped I had funny flashbacks of a dress-up party I attended once … come as your favourite kitchen utensil they said… I went as a GladWrap roll! I didn’t fully understand the logistics of arriving as a roll of GladWrap, especially when it came to going to the bathroom, don’t even ask!

I lay comfortably as Rhona applied the Age Away Non-Surgical Facelift Masque where no machines are required. I’m only 24 years young, however this is for both young and mature skins, the Age Away products are scientifically designed to keep younger skins vibrant and smooth whilst visibly reducing wrinkles, fine lines, puffy eyes and enlarged pores on mature skins after every treatment. The Age Away Masque tightens and lifts the skin with long-lasting results.

Much to my dismay I was told my face has a slight droop on the left it turns out, due to favouring my left side to sleep on. The masque was also applied to my naughty little smoker hands – I was very interested to see what would happen.

An hour of complete silence and relaxation went by while my wrap and non surgical facelift were hard at work! My body and face got very warm – this is due to the ingredients being absorbed into the skin and increasing my blood flow and circulation.

When the wrap and masque were removed I could not believe the difference! The texture of my skin felt and looked unbelievable. My weird droopy brow was lifted, my alligator hands could no longer be used to make handbags, and I lost 17cm around my whole body. Fantastic I yelled!

Men and women alike have positively reviewed this particular Body Wrap and Non-Surgical Facelift because it works on both men and women’s problem spots, helping them to reduce fine lines and the fatty areas that they have the biggest issues with, without spending tons of money.

I’m sold and I would highly recommend the DreamWeigh Melt Away Wrap and the dramatic Age Away Non-Surgical Facelift Masque to all my friends. I suggest you phone asap to book an appointment and experience these amazing treatments for yourself.

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