Drinking Cognac With Maiketso Kgantsi

We were fortunate enough to meet one of the coolest guys in the fancy spirits business. Maiketso Kgantsi knows just about everything there is to know about good living: from how to look good in a suit to the perfect serve of Bisquit Cognac, he’s the guy you want to be friends with. 

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Cool, calm and collected. These words come to mind when shaking Maiketso Kgantsi’s hand for the first time. He’s a stellar guy. The type of guy you could chill with all night, over a decent bottle of VO brandy and talk about all things cool.

Maiketso is the South African Bisquit Cognac Brand Ambassador. His role is to introduce new consumers to the brand and educate about about this distinctive cognac. In short, Maiketso has the coolest job in the world. He gets to represent Bisquit at various events, conducts tastings and ensures that consumers understand the unique selling points of Bisquit Cognac. Maiketso showed up at the Joburg.co.za office with a 32 year old bottle of Bisquit, a bag of ice and grin on his face a couple of days ago. “I’m here to show  you the best way to drink cognac.” In his spare time, Maiketso Kgantsi rides horses, plays sports and collects art… The question we need to ask is, dude where have you been all our lives? We’re pretty sure he plays a mean game of FIFA on Playstation as well.

When we told him that his job is pretty cool, Maiketso smiled and replied with, “the best part about my job is when I convert a person into a Bisquit Cognac Connoisseur. I enjoy having conversations with people about the brand and cognac’s history; how it is made and other interesting topics that relate to the industry I operate in.” A Joburg boy through and through, Maiketso grew up in Dube, Soweto with his four siblings and went to school at Orlando West High School. He holds a certificate in PC Engineering from College Campus, but prefers to wear beautiful blue suits and serve cognac.

Maiketso’s goal is to become a Trade Channel Manager for Distell as he believes he is well suited to the challenges that the role entails. This would put him in the driving position of some of South Africa’s favourite brands, such as Three Ships, JC Le Roux and Amarula to name a few.

Follow Maiketso on Twitter, @MAIKETSOKGANTSI

By Shawn Greyling (with a special shoutout to HelloConversations_)

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