Have Some Fun at Kidz Fishing Camp

From kids to adults, everyone enjoys or should try fishing at least once in their lifetime. Kidz Fishing Camp is definitely the place to take your children to experience the joys of fishing.

What to expect?

Kidz Fishing Camp will be having more entertainment than just fishing this Easter Holiday but also spoiling kids to a supertube slide outing and, of course, what would Easter be without Easter Egg Hunt Adventure. Ensure you be part of all this excitement and join the camp on the 22nd – 24th March OR 11th – 13th April, 18th – 20th April.

Children between the age of seven to 15 are given the chance to experience exciting outdoor adventures that go into the making of a fisherman. Fishing is internationally recognised as a sport and tournaments in different classes from the heaviest fish to the quantity of fish caught. People predominately take on fishing as a hobby that allows individual exert strategy, patience, relaxation and draws qualities of self-confidence and awareness.


Kidz Fishing Camp resides at Vaal Vista which is located on the Vaal River between Potchefstroom and Stilfontein. Safe and comfortable accommodation in chalets is provided as well as memorable fishing adventures. Experienced staff and professional fishing coaches ensure the camp is a safe environment. A shuttle service is also provided by the camp for kids wanting to join from Johannesburg.

Fishing Experience

Equipment Supplied: Fishing rod, reels & hooks, Bait, traces and line
Understanding Equipment & Tools: Types, textures and qualities of fishing rods & reels, fishing line & traces
Preparation: Tying of simple to the more complex knots, Understanding methods of fishing, Types of bait used depending on fish to catch
Casting: Handling and casting of fishing rod
Observation: Keeping the awareness of river flow, temperature and environment
Catching FISH: Striking and reeling in fish, Method of capturing the fish near to the net


Additional Activities

Table Tennis, Pool Table, Bird Watching, Swimming Pool, Camp fires, Canoeing, Treasure Hunt and much more!

Excitement & Adventure of catching your own fish!

From beginner to experienced, all skill levels are welcome. Children will be able to relax and enjoy their school holidays while having the time of their lives! Children will be encouraged to fully participate in all activities. Children will also be taught new skills while they enjoy themselves!


For more information about Kidz Fishing Camp and how to book, visit their website here.

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