Easter Holiday Cocktail Creativity

Easter Holiday Cocktail Creativity

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Original* Iced Cocktails wants you to be creative. We all know how fabulous their Strawberry Daiquiri, Margarita and Pina Colada cocktails are, but did you know that they are also incredibly versatile? They can be used to jazz up a dessert or make the perfect entrée or soup?

We have six-packs of each flavour to give away to one incredibly lucky Joburg.co.za reader. All you need to do is use any one of the three Original* Iced Cocktails flavour products as the base for a tasty recipe.

What will you do to make the most of these cocktails? Use them in a soup? Perhaps make a marinade out of them? Maybe they will work as a base for a smoothie? The possibilities are endless.

Send your recipes to Shaun before Friday, 16th April 2010.

For further information on Original* Iced Cocktails follow the links alongside.

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