EB Social Kitchen & Bar In 30 Seconds

Have you been to EB Social Kitchen & Bar before in Hyde Park Corner? Not? You’re missing out – here’s why.

What could possibly be better this summer than sipping on an ice-cold, book-inspired cocktail while admiring a panoramic view of Jozi’s leafy suburbs? Not much…

Let’s introduce you to EB Social Kitchen & Bar in the heart of Hyde Park. Crafted by world-class cocktail competition winner, Dom de Lorenzo, each of the cocktails on EB Social’s (as the cool kids call it) summer menu has been carefully developed to not only reflect the story of the book, but flavours and ingredients from each story.

Now that we’ve got you excited about the cocktails, let’s introduce you to the EB Social Kitchen & Bar’s new head chef, Yohann Saumande who’s the new captain of this already smooth-sailing ship. Food is one of the great comforts of life and is on par with reading a good book – here’s Chef Yohann’s story.

Video and words by Shawn Greyling

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