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Elections and Erections

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Elections & Erections is a personal journey through the minefield of fear and fun on the eve of South Africa’s most crucial general election. Pieter-Dirk Uys celebrates the two issues that were illegal for most of his life in South Africa: democracy and sex. He uses humour, his weapon of mass distraction, and compares today’s freedom of speech to those years of no freedom. And yet then there was enough speech to help end a brutal system and usher in a young democracy. There was also laughter.

The issue of the next President and a new Government is not making South Africans laugh. The tsunami’s of recession, economic woes, crime, corruption and denialism merge with the Zunami of Comrade Jacob’s dramatic journey to the most powerful position in the land. Nothing seems to be funny anymore. It is time to laugh! Pieter-Dirk Uys invites you share that shower with him and his chorus line of politicians and people. Democracy and sex are both freely available in South Africa and each carries the warning of danger. Come and lead the parade with laughter at fear. Turn it into fun and optimism for a future after only fourteen years of a remarkable and unique democracy. If the people find the courage to lead in that direction, the government will be just too happy to follow.

Depending on Who’s Who in the Political Zoo, Uys will present a host of familiar and upcoming politicians and opinion-shakers, from the Clintons and Obamas in the USA, a Tutu here and a Mandela there, old Nats, reinvented Communists, designer Democrats, Fat Cats and bloody Fools. And Evita Bezuidenhout leading her political congress, Evita’s People’s Party, with a unique Q and A session with the audience and a surprise guest each night.

Venue: Nelson Mandela theatre, Johannesburg.

Date: Tuesday, 3rd of March, 2009 to Sunday, 15th of March, 2009.

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