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Mission Elephant
A powerful 2 ½ day experiential teambuilding adventure for new and existing teams.

With the ever changing political and economic climate it is often overlooked that we are all working in a very cosmopolitan environment in South Africa. There are multiple divides crossed on a daily basis which include but are not limited to race, language, religion, political stance, age and country of origin. Due to these ever changing circumstances and the fact that our working environment changes daily it is essential that we are able to come together and put aside all difference and learn to trust and work with each other.

It is time to get back to the basics with Mission Elephant.

Mission Elephant

Mission Elephant is a two and a half day teambuilding program that includes a combination of workshop sessions and practical exercises. The emphasis is on learning through experience… and fun.

The members of your team are exposed to enjoyable, challenging teambuilding activities in and around nature.

Your trust in each other grows, and your ability to confront and handle life, people and problems, and to “hold a position” in the face of these, is developed.

Delegates learn to collaborate rather than compete and expand their tolerance of different leadership styles and varying points of view. Stress levels are dramatically reduced and they build strong bonds of shared experience and affinity.

For more information please call the Elephants in Main Street International global call centre on the number alongside, or email them on the address alongside.

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