End the War at Home

End the War at Home

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Aren’t you sick and tired of always having to negotiate with your family members as to who gets to watch what, when and for how long? It is perfectly understandable if at times, most often than not, you resort to threatening looks just to be able to watch your favourite programme. I mean hey, why would you be expected to miss Generations or Noot vir Noot for a bunch of men chasing a rugby ball or visa versa?

It is for that reason that OK Furniture has decided to intervene by waving a white flag and to give you, not one, but two TV units at one unbelievable low price, when you purchase the 107cm SAMSUNG PLASMA TV and the 81cm SAMSUNG LCD TV.

Remember to bring your TV licence. If you’re single, simply double the pleasure by having a TV in your bedroom as well as in your lounge.

Enjoy your favourite programmes in peace. OK Furniture and OK Power Express. No Problem.

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