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Endangered Wildlife Trust

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The Endangered Wildlife Trust was established in 1973 and is registered as a Non-profit Organisation, registration number 015-502NPO. The PBO number is 930 001 777.

The Trust’s first fundraising effort was also its founding moment … the moment when Clive Walker was inspired to paint a watercolour of a Cheetah, to sell 250 signed, numbered copies, and to use this money to help conserve the Cheetah that was, and in some places still is, shot as vermin.

The founding vision of saving threatened species in a direct, hands-on way and at minimal cost has never been lost. It has, however, been broadened to include species, their habitats and ecosystems, and the role of surrounding communities and landowners.
As Clive, one of the three founding members, puts it: “If the universal slogan was ‘Who cares about rhino anyway?’, we would be a short step away from applying that mindless slogan to ourselves.”

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