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Comfort is the first thing you worry about as you board a long flight, so much so that you start dreading the flight. Well, flying with KLM means you get more than just comfort, your personal needs are taken care of too. 

We know how unpleasant having little to no leg-room on a flight can be. It can even make your travelling experience a dreadful one. Enjoy flying with KLM by by booking one of their paid seat options, which provide you with the freedom to move around and stretch your legs.

Economy Comfort

For us, the more space there is on a plane, the more peaceful and enjoyable a travelling experience is. Located in a separate zone in front of economy class, Economy Comfort offers more leg-room and extra recline.

• Extra leg-room: up to 89cm
• Extra recline: up to 18cm
• In a separate zone
• In the front of Economy Class
• Ergonomically designed

Extra legroom

Extra Leg-Room

Who can go wrong with extra leg-room? No one we know! And because comfort is always a priority for long distance travelling, extra leg-room seats are high in demand. Located in the exit row of the aircraft, intercontinental flights offer at least 140cm of leg-room!

• European flights: up to 97cm of leg-room
• Intercontinental flights: at least 140cm of leg-room
• 9cm recline
• In an exit row
• Ergonomically designed

For more information

For more information visit their website.

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