Enjoy Traditional Food At Soweto’s Sakhumzi

If it’s traditional food you want, it’s traditional food you’ll get at this authentic restaurant in Soweto. Think about mouth-watering pap and vleis, with a cocktail or whiskey to wash it down.

Nestled in the epicentre of Sowetan tourism is the vibrant and popular Sakhumzi Restaurant on Vilakazi Street! If you’re looking for a place with a rich historical background and real township-flavoured cuisine, then look no further!

Vilakazi Street is already synonymous with legendary political icons Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu and now Sakhumzi Restaurant is making its mark. Decorated with ethnic-inspired designs and features, it’s equally inviting to tourists looking for the ‘African experience’ as well as it is to locals embracing their roots.

Part of Sakhumzi’s appeal is its purely township cuisine with a variety of dishes available such as ‘mogodu’ (tripe) and ujeqe (steamed bread). For those looking to be spontaneous, there’s the chef’s choice, which is the wild card of the day and offers options that are not available on the menu. All this yummy food can be accompanied by a great selection of local wines and craft beers!

Sakhumzi also offers a well-stocked cigar bar, which any Cuban cigar enthusiast would highly appreciate – perfect for a gentleman’s club or a boys’ night out. Don’t fret, there’s something for the ladies too, with a newly-introduced cocktail bar on Sundays and on request.

Sakhumzi is a must for anyone who hasn’t already been and will definitely make a regular patron out of even the most critical customer!

By Mutale Changa

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