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DV8 [expressions] introduces a ground-breaking range of 100% pure mineral make-up that offers you the freedom to select your own distinctive colour make-up palette from a selection of the most vibrant natural colours and provides you with a single product that has eight different applications.

With over 48 tantalising and trendy pure colour pigments to choose from, this could be a tough choice! Don’t despair though, you can select 3, 5 or 8 of your favourite colours and simply snap them together to form an elegant and convenient all-in-one stack that you can take everywhere with you. No matter what your skin tone, DV8 [expressions] has the perfect selection of brilliant colours to complement your natural complexion. You can even create your own distinctive shades and colour combinations from exotic golds and rich earthy tones to soft silky pastels and party glitters to celebrate your individuality.

DV8 [expressions] shimmering powders are so pure that you only need a tiny bit to get a totally beautiful effect. One colour eight different uses: use a little on your eyelids for instant eye shadow, or add it to clear nail polish to create that perfect glossy colour for your nails. Take a little clear lip gloss, add your favourite DV8 [expressions] colour powder and you have a stunning new lipstick. You can mix and match as much as you want.

Each of the stunning new colours is made from 100% pure mineral colour pigments that, like precious gems, are found naturally in the Earth’s surface. Unlike many contemporary makeup products, DV8 [expressions] contains no preservatives, fillers or petroleum-derived oils, which means superior performance with no irritation, making the product particularly useful for people with sensitive skins and, at the same time, kind to the earth. Each container is crowned with a sleek black lid and carefully encased in a chic black and silver carton that makes an elegant gift.

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