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Very often people feel that joining an introduction agency can be viewed much the same as “failing” to be able to find the right relationship on one’s own. This is not the case. Loneliness is the scourge of the modern world. Despite enormous technological advances, which enhance communication possibilities, people seem to find it even harder to meet the right partner. One cannot date work colleagues; family circles do not expand your range of possible new partners; your existing social circle can also be restrictive in that you see the same people over and over when you meet your friends. These days people work hard, often putting in long hours when building a career. They don’t get out often enough to meet people. Single parents might not have as many opportunities as well, since making time for themselves involves babysitters.

Taking steps on your own can be fraught with pitfalls. Gyms are not conducive to socialising, pubs can be very off-putting for the single female, and the Internet – while offering one thousands of potential hits – is not regulated. You could come into contact with people whose motives may not be pure, or who else are married and looking for fun on the side. People are also afraid of making wrong choices, based on their past mistakes.

The safety factor. Previously, one met dates through friends, university, parties etc where there was some kind of ‘check’ system. Friends and hostesses would know something about the person they introduced you to. Universities also require detailed background info. That in itself is a safety factor in today’s world where safety is of paramount importance. Meeting someone on the off chance at a coffee shop or the supermarket is not something many women would welcome. After all, who is this person? The role of the agency here is to do the background checks, and introduce people safely. Basically, one is meeting a perfect stranger. However, the fact that an agency has all the relevant details on that person allows people to meet feeling safe about the encounter.

We use professional services for most areas of our lives – why not do the same in the most important area of your life – finding the right relationship.


For further assistance, call Robyn (contact details alongside) for details. Please note, membership is required. Another note: all Exclusive Introductions clients are exclusive, up market and successful people. They are searching seriously for the right kind of partner and are keen to meet persons of quality and integrity. They have clients in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

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