Expand Your Culinary Horizons At Les Delices de France

Les Delices de France allows you to expand your culinary horizons.  

I didn’t think I’d spend my Friday night eating brains but that’s exactly what happened when I paid Les Delices de France a visit for the first time. This gem of a restaurant is located pretty far out of my usual ‘eating zones’, in Florida North, but I’m so glad I landed up there!

When I went for dinner with my boyfriend and his family (who all conveniently speak French, by the way), we were warmly welcomed inside. I’ve got to say that the interior is nothing to look at but, as the chef told us, that’s not why people flock to his restaurant – it’s for the food and service. Way to set some high expectations. Luckily for him, he didn’t upsell anything! I loved the way he went around to each table and somehow managed to make everything sound delicious. I mean, I almost considered eating rabbit because of the way he described the meal – and that’s something I would normally never even dream of touching!


After ordering some wine, which were served in some of the most elegant wine glasses I’ve ever seen, I decided against a starter to make sure I had enough room for mains – but that didn’t stop me from trying everyone else’s (obviously)!


First up was a spoon of my boyfriend’s Soupe à L’Oignon Gratinée Lyonnaise (onion soup gratinated with guyère and Emmental, croutons and port), which, I have to say, was absolutely delicious and oh-so-comforting – perfect for the weird summer weather we were experiencing on the night. Next up was a mouthful of a starter that wasn’t on the menu so forgive me for forgetting the French name – a smoked salmon dish which was delicious. Finally, I had to try some of the Ceruelle de Veau aux Câpres et au Beurre Noisette (calf brain in nutty butter with capers and lemon) that my boyfriend’s grandparents were eating. I was as curious as I was grossed out but it’s actually delicious and has a texture like marrow. I was told to spread it on a piece of bread for my first bite (it’s quite rich) and landed up helping myself to another spoonful. Who would’ve thought?


Mains were a real treat and, again, I got to taste a bit of everything. While I loved my Filet de Kingklip au Pistou sux une Tombée de Fenouil et Tomate (grilled kingklip topped with basil pesto and a fennel tomato compote), I think next time I’ll go for the Pavé de Saumon Ecessais Grillé Sauce Mousseline (grilled Scottish salmon fillet served with a hollandaise and chantilly sauce). Other highlights included the Châteaubriand Bèarnaise (fillet served with a béarnaise sauce), the pot of mussels and the oxtail (again, both specials).


But the most exciting part of the meal had to be the dessert. Soufflés were the order of the eve – one chocolate and one flambéed – the latter had to be the highlight. Watching the waiter pour a flaming pot of KWV Orange Liqueur into the dessert was simply amazing.

I definitely recommend a visit to Les Delices de France – expand your culinary horizons and enjoy!

By Nikki Samakosky

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