#Explore: JoziBurg No. One Eloff

Johannesburg the city of Gold, beautiful, charismatic, and ever welcoming to people from all walks of life. Flamboyant yet secretive, Joburg is the kind of city that employs you to look for the hidden gems, and trust us, once you look deep enough in the city you will find the hidden gems and it is rewarding because you will fall in love. 


Quick side note, I found out about Joziburg No. One Eloff, because I was actually lost and found myself in this beautiful place, and I was just intrigued at how beautiful it is (don’t worry I found my way home). See, Johannesburg is amazing because when you get lost you end up discovering amazing spots such as Joziburg. If you haven’t been to Joziburg we advice you make your way and check out all the cool things that you can get up to.


Joziburg really exudes African confidence, when you set foot at this place you will be so intrigued at how they transformed simple African pieces into art. For example upon entering you are welcomed by and array of light shades made out of checkered bags (Shangaan Bags).

Where To Eat?

Here you get to experience a vibey feel with markets, shops, apartments, restaurants, bars and art studios. Joziburg is situated at the number one spot in the street of Eloff, right after Gandhi Square. And believe us when we say it is worth checking out. The story behind this area is interesting, being as it was a building that was transformed from nothing to something spectacular. And is considered to be one of the hidden gems in Joburg CBD.

Hangout Jozi

Explore JoziBurg No One Eloff

Now if you know you are looking for something different, this is the right place to visit. Hangout Jozi (also known as Joziburg Lane) is where you get amazing food, market, bar, and can even host events, which is just amazing because its an all rounder. Screams ‘versatility’ yet? We think so. We highly recommend that you try their Street Food, because we tried it for you and we loved it. This place is said to be loved by tourists because it is Instagram worthy, the aesthetic, and uniqueness of the place gives off a vibey feel. When the night falls Joziburg Lane takes on a new life form transforming itself into a different world.

The B Spot

What’s eating out without some burgers right? Well, we thought as much. Check out The B-Spot for some amazing burgers and great beer to wash all that yumminess down. They pride themselves with serving the best in the business, giving you amazing burger selections that will leave you asking for seconds. And of course not forgetting their tasty crafted brews. Also the ideal spot to just hang out with friends and catch-up.

What To Do?




Inner Johannesburg is the busiest part of the city and every now and then everyone deserves sometime away from all the noise. So, if you want to get away from all the hustle and bustle we highly recommend that you visit Dorkay a rooftop setting that makes being away from the busy lifestyle a reality. This is also the perfect spot if you are looking to host parties, weddings and all the events that needs an incredible celebration. Dorkay is loved by many because it allows Joburgers to look at Joburg with a fresh pair of eyes. Dorkay is also known for hosting the Feel Good Series event, Kulture Fashion Spaces and Magents Launch.


Joziburg is the hub of all things vibey, artsy and chilled, and if you are wondering what to do when you around the neighbourhood, we have you covered! They normally host the biggest markets like the BrownSense Market, and artistic events like A 1000 Drawings, and art exhibitions. And of course not to mention the shopping one can do around this place, because there are stalls that are available. The whole vision for this space is to give young and old Africans an opportunity to showcase their businesses and to attract more people to see this wonderful space. There’s also the Joziburg Deli, selling local artisanal produce, giving you the best in home-made jams, relishes and farmhouse cheeses.


Staying In Joziburg No. One Eloff

The other highlight about this space is that you can also stay here, because they have stylish lofts. They sure will be in your taste, because they are modern and have been tailored for the young professionals and those who love the convenience of having access to food, shopping and entertainment all in one place. So, are you sold yet?

Please Note this was an old post from their Instagram:

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