Explore Kyalami

An affluent suburb in the northern suburbs close to the hustle and bustle of Midrand and the Mall of Africa, Kyalami is a playground for a variety of locals, including the horsey set.  

Explore Kyalami

Explore Kyalami

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Heading north toward Midrand, Kyalami is a playground for those who enjoy picnics, walks in the park and, of course, the world-renowned racing circuit. The suburb is also known for an array of restaurants – most of which can be found at the Kyalami Downs Shopping Centre.

One of these, Ristorante La Trinita, was featured in Time magazine as one of only two restaurants in South Africa which made it to the list in their “100 Best Places to Eat in the World” feature. Lala and Tessa are the proud and energetic owners who will welcome you with a hug by the second visit. Their melanzane is like no other. Order it! And the lasagne is to die for. Be warned – be sure to book your portions in advance on weekends .

The South African Lipizzaners horse riding academy hosts performances every Sunday morning in their indoor hall. The magnificent performance which lasts an hour is a pure joy to behold. Refreshments and are available before and after the performance. Tickets can be bought at the door. After each performance the stables are open to the public and everyone is invited to feed the horses and enjoy a snack at Café Capriole.

Castle Kyalami can be seen on the ridge. It was built by Greek architect Demo Dinopoulos as his private home. After Dinopoulos got bored of his 8.9 ha estate and sold it to Planet Hotels who converted the castle it into a spa, hotel and wedding venue. Almost a decade after that, Planet Hotels sold the property to the South African Church Of Scientology and it is now a mission post in Southern Africa. To the best of our knowledge you can’t go hang out at the dining hall or poolside anymore but you can snap a couple of pics of the compound from a distance.

For a great view of Castle Kyalami, be sure to visit the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit. This iconic venue has hosted the Formula 1 Grand Prix during the 80s and 90s, and the Moto GP during the early 2000s. The property was snatched up on auction by Porsche South Africa for a cool R205million a couple of years ago. It stages a wide a variety of exciting events during the course of the year, so do yourself a favour and check out their events calendar on the website.

Have you been to Kyalami in recent time? What is there to check out? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, sharing is caring so show this to a buddy or three on Facebook. 

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