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Rosebank… the coolest precinct that’s not in town. And, here’s why you should #ExploreJoburg


Where To Eat

Let’s start off with the greasiest, sexiest and most tasty burger, shall we? Okay, you will know where we heading with this one… on Keyes Avenue, there’s a little burger joint serving burgers, chips and frozen custard. They’re called BGR and they are awesome – even when the place is filled with hipsters.
Right next to BGR is the Milk Bar, a coffee, breakfast, lunch and bar spot influenced by the best of north, west and east African cuisine and culture – their coffee comes highly recommended too. Other cool food places to check out would be The Zone @ Rosebank, Father Coffee and the likes. No matter what you’re after, it’s in Rosebank… oh, and there’s Marble! It’s the best place on earth if you dig upper-class fancy food – but who doesn’t, right?


What To Do


160 Jan Smuts is the home of Hush, a VIP lounge that jams house music at top volumes and serves cocktails like it’s going out of fashion. Other than that, Rosebank has got a pumping bar scene with heavy hitters such as Capital Underground and Niche Hangout leading the pack.


The Rosebank precinct is built on one word: culture. It hosts two of the most important galleries in the country, namely the Circa Gallery on the corner of Jan Smuts and Jellicoe Avenue and the Goodman Gallery on the corner of Jan Smuts and Chester Road. Some of the most prominent art dealers and agencies are situated in Rosebank. It is a space where the dealer and the buyer can meet in close proximity of one another.


Points Of Interest

There are tons of places to check out in Rosebank. There’s Circa Gallery, Goodman Gallery, Rosebank Mall, The Gautrain Station (if you’re bored, we guess). There are also loads of local clothing designers as well as talented arts and crafts creators and vendors at the Rosebank African Flea Market.

As a side note, design house Missibaba is launching its Rosebank store on the 5th of October 2016 – check back for more info on this awesome event.

By Shawn Greyling

Have we missed out your favourite spots in Rosebank? Let us know in the comments section below. Do us a solid and share this with your buddies and #ExploreJoburg.

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