Explore Westcliff

Come with us and check out the uber sleep neighbourhood of Westcliff. 


Once the stomping ground of the infamous Randlords who controlled the diamond and gold mining industry in Southern Africa, Westcliff now prompts great views, historic buildings (closely guarded by the Parktown Westcliff Association) and some of the finest hotels and cafes around Johannesburg.

Eat & Sleep

Probably the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word Westcliff, would be the Four Seasons Hotel, The Westcliff. It is known for its iconic view of the northern suburbs, brilliant eateries and luxury. At the hotel you can find Flames restaurant which provides a fine dining experience like no other. Flames has upped the ante on the South African braai culture and has elevated it to fine dining quality. Here you can also find the Westcliff Deli which serves deli style eats on the go.


While Westcliff does not hold much in the way of entertainment, it is surrounded by cool burbs such as Parktown, Melville and even Zoo Lake. These areas are packed with cool stuff to do.

Points Of Interest

The infamous Westcliff Steps is the spot to check out if you’re into fitness. It is a decent exchange for a treadmill where all the buttons are covered in sweat from overuse. Challenge your body and take on the 210 steps that run almost vertically up to Crescent Drive. Fun fact, the stairs were built by unemployed miners in 1922.

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One thought on “Explore Westcliff

  1. Even though I have not been to visit since you had the refurbishment and take-over, I am hoping to come and look around with a couple of friends soon. I know all about the refurbishment as I work for the Architectural Company, DSA Architects, who handled it, and I have watched the progress eagerly.


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