Exploring Geneva

The Alps on your doorstep, Gothic structures and skiing for days… what’s there not to love about Geneva?


Where To Eat

The heart of Europe can be found on the edge of Mont Blanc. Geneva’s food is on par with their Swiss Army knives and watches that have been going strong for so many years without fail. The region’s culinary items is a mixture of Swiss and French kitchens combined. Brasserie-Lipp is an upper class bistro serving upper class food and should be checked out – their wordily wine list is something to write home about. Another spot to check out is a chicken joint called Chez Ma Cousine – their chicken is some of the best we’ve had.

What To Do


Disco is alive and well in the great white north, my friend. Be sure to check out Java Club for some booty-shaking dance hall beats. Restaurant Les Brasseurs is a brewpub you should definitely check out; you will fall in love with the beer, entertainment and food. Do it. Don’t even think… just do it!


Geneva has tons of skiers from all over the world who pass through it and thanks to this, their culture is a mixture of Western World with a twist of Swiss on top. There’s ballet, art and music all over the place. If you spend enough time around the city centre, you will feel the culture grow on you.

Points Of Interest

Did you know that Geneva is the birthplace of the internet? Fun fact that one. We just had to throw that in somewhere… Anyway, there’s castles, Gothic architecture and super snowy slopes to visit. Be sure to check out St. Piere Cathedral, The Palace of Nations (the UN’s HQ) and the shopping district, Place du Bourg de-Four.

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From just R7 675 for an all-inclusive return flight, head to Geneva and explore everything this bustling city has to offer. Take in as many cultural experiences as possible, be on trend with the latest fashion, and also ensure you take a stroll past the famous Lake Geneva . There is never a dull moment in Geneva!

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