Fabulous Beauty Uses For Coconut Oil You Didn’t Know About

Coconut oil seems to do literally everything. In my opinion, it’s the James Franco of oils. It’s great because its uses and benefits are literally countless – and it works well with your wallet, too! You might already know that coconut oil is good for boosting your immune system and removing your make-up, but it’s good for tons of other things you didn’t know about, too. Here are my favourite little-known beauty uses for coconut oil.


Build A Better Meal

Not only does it rally as an all-in-one beauty, health and household MVP, coconut oil is also good enough to eat. Literally! Swap in the oil for butter and other fats you use to cook. It’s heart-healthy, and will help raise HDL cholesterol levels (the good kind), whilst boosting your metabolism and immunity as well as clearing up your skin!

Refresh Your Face

Forget pricy, high-end make-up removers. This all-natural option does the trick just as well – if not better! Apply a small dollop to your face with your fingers. Wipe it off with a facial cloth, and then rinse your skin with warm water. It’s gentle, but it can handle the toughest of make-up remover jobs too.

Score A Silky Smooth Shave

Trade your tube of shaving cream for coconut oil and score a luxuriously smooth shave… So close you’ll practically beg others to give you a rubdown! Bonus: You can skip the post-shower lotion because it’s also intensely moisturising. The oil will also promote help healthy skin tissue and elasticity.

Banish Body Odour

Coconut oil makes a wonderful all-natural deodorant – provided you aren’t that much of a heavy sweater. So before you next hit the gym, use some of the oil on your pits. Don’t use more than a teaspoon. The lauric acid it contains will help eradicate the bacteria that causes body odour.

Pamper Yourself

Get your at-home TLC on! Simply massage coconut oil into your nail beds to moisturise dry, cracked cuticles. It’ll also stimulate nail growth. Bonus! So yes, you’ll feel like you’ve just given yourself a spa-style manicure. You’re welcome!

Prevent Breakouts

You can alleviate redness and skin irritation by swapping your pre-slumber moisturiser with coconut oil. The lauric acid has antimicrobial activity, making it an instant acne zapper. After washing your face with a regular cleanser, apply a thin layer of the oil to combat ageing (it helps lessen the appearance of pores and wrinkles) and dryness – often the culprit behind blemishes.

What’s your favourite way to use coconut oil in your natural beauty routine?

By Candice May

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