Facebook’s New Facial Recognition Feature

Did you get the news feed posted by Facebook? Cause I did. Facebook recently announced its new facial recognition feature on their user’s feeds. This feature was firstly announced towards the end of 2017 in December, but has been confirmed by Facebook this year with the gradual improvements that are to take place.

The Facial Recognition feature is here!

This new feature came about after Facebook was faced with a privacy lawsuit over its biometric Faceprint. There has been a number of Catfish stories and people infringing other people’s identities through using their pictures to catfish others. And Facebook has taken a note on that, as they refuse to turn a blind eye towards such a serious issue. As Facebook is a big platform that is being used to connect and communicate with people from different parts of the world. In addition, seeing the need to inform people about this fact, Facebook has taken upon themselves the responsibility to introduce a more advanced Face Recognition feature to alert people not only about the pictures they are tagged in, but even those they are not tagged in (sometimes without their concern).

So, Facebook came up with a solution to help you:

  • Recognise pictures that you are in with or without your concern.
  • Help protect you from strangers using your photos
  • Tell people with visual impairment who’s in a photo or video

As Facebook respects people’s privacy, they also ensure that they are clear about the fact that changing your settings is totally voluntary as you have the option to switch on the Face recognition option or you would rather prefer it to be off. Because let’s admit it technology can be creepy sometimes, and some people are just not here for that. If you decide to turn off tag suggestions or the new face recognition features, Facebook will inform you that templates are deleted. However, if you want to turn them on, you can re-enable the features.



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