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Generally, I don’t see the reason to travel around of an evening in search of different food experiences and tastes. I know where they serve a good macaroni cheese – our kitchen – and where to get the other things that I like, close by. However, the rest of the family don’t get enthusiastic about a gathering over macaroni cheese – so we travel!

This time we ‘trekked’ over to Edenvale. Actually, it took us no time at all as the roads were good and there was little Thursday traffic. Just past The Greenstone Shopping Centre, we all met at the Fahrenheit Seafood and Grill, which is set off the main road and within a secured area. It opened there in 2007, and I confess to being surprised that it took my daughters 3 years to find it!

The restaurant itself is very attractively designed and set out, and we received a warm welcome. Inside we found a number dining areas, looking warm and intimate, whilst outside there is a large, covered verandah, an open garden with tables and benches, and a lapa that seats 8 people. This is where we sat. Next to it there is a fabulous, secure playground for children. My four year old grand-daughter took one look at it and was hardly seen again for the rest of the evening, just appearing at odd intervals for a drink, a rib or a chip! She, and a host of other children, had a wonderful time, leaving their families largely alone until called back, often unwillingly, to eat! Even the odd tear did not last long when compared to their enjoyment.

The food was very good. We started with a salad for the table, which went with their tasty home-made bread. The Danish Feta was marvellous. Then we ordered a variety of seafood dishes, all of which were very attractively presented and greatly enjoyed. Whilst the main courses could have appeared more quickly, we were not in a hurry so it did not really matter. Our meals included grilled fish of the day, a Kabeljou, a seafood platter for two, calamari stuffed with feta, an 18 prawn special, prawn and calamari curry, and kiddies ribs. The servings were generous, and so we gave the desserts a miss! The service generally was excellent and Chris, who looked after our table, was attentive and quick. All in all it was a very happy experience, and one we could look at repeating.

With the colder weather on its way you would either want to opt for an inside table, or ensure that you were warmly dressed. However, the outside area is protected and on most evenings, and certainly during the day, could be very pleasant. Be aware that there are a number of steps up to the entrance, which might prove difficult for some people.

The website is very good, and worth a visit to have a look at the venue, the menus and what’s in store for the younger members of the family. It includes a good map.

The hours of business are:
Lunch-Dinner Monday through Saturday12:00 pm until 10:00 pm.

Sunday 12:00 pm until 16:00pm

I hope you enjoy it – we did. It was certainly worth the effort! For further information follow the links alongside.

Build good memories for people – they will last longer than you do.

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