Famous Movie Cocktails

Some of our favourite movies use some of our favourite cocktails as props. Here’s a list of our favourite drinks from some of our favourite movies. Classic…

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Dirty Martini

Tony Stark is one of our favourite super heroes. In Iron Man 2 Tony orders a classic dirty martini with the line,”I’m starving. Get us a dirty martiny, will you? And make it extra dirty…” lovely. And then he goes on to get very drunk and falls off the stage in his Iron Man costume. Not so lovely.

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Champagne Cup

Wes Anderson is one of the most stylish directors out there, and this shines quite clearly in his work. In his latest offering, Mr Gustav drinks his fair share of champagne cups. It is a rather elegant drink, you see.

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French 75

Legend has it that this cocktail was named after a piece of artillery equipment used during the Second World War. The French 75 sticks its head out quite a few times in the classic Humphrey Bogart movie. Here’s looking at you, kid.

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Orange Whip

Another cult classic creating another cult classic. In the infamous 1980 hit comedy the Blues Brothers comedian John Candy orders three Orange Whips in a comical fashion for his cop buddies and himself. From comedy cold a wonderful cocktail was borne.

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White Russian

Did you really think we would leave out the most important movie drink of all time? Of course not! Thanks to the Big Lebowski, and the Dude of course, the White Russian has become a cult classic in the cocktail world.

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By Shawn Greyling

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