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Fantastic Racing hosts tailor-made racing event packages for individuals, corporate clients and international guests in Cape Town and Johannesburg. These involve racing world class racing cars at a choice of four tracks, including the F1 track at Kyalami, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

For the serious racers, Fantastic Racing also offers Arrive and Drive options, where you can train and race alongside the pros in the actual race season.

The event packages provide extensive safety briefings, after which you will learn how to drive and then race in single-seater racing cars. The cars are branded with your own name and/or company logo. And after you have scared yourself silly and had the most exciting time of your life, you will go home with memories in the form of a DVD holding a photographic record of your racing prowess.

The Reynard 98 has a full race configuration with a V6 Dodge engine (that are specially tuned so that they are safe for novices) that pulls 450 BHP/per tonne. Each car has a carbon fibre chassis and is built to FIA safety standards. This means they have safety standards similar to F1 cars.

Fantastic Racing offers local South African corporates the choice of a Race Day Event or a three-day Corporate Team Event.

Book this April and receive 20% off when you book a group of 12 or more. Make sure you quote to ensure your discount.

For further information, click on the contact details alongside.

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