Fasting This Easter?

Fasting This Easter?

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As we approach Easter, many have embarked on fasts or have given up a vice to mark the period, in line with many religions. In Greek Orthodox Christianity, which is practiced by well over 90% of all Greeks, Easter is the most important religious festival and consists of a fast which requires abstinence from red meat and dairy products. Plaka, the modern Greek classic restaurants found in Illovo, Cresta and Umhlanga are offering customers affordably priced prawn and calamari platters that can accommodate fasting constraints.

Many of our Orthodox customers fast strictly over Easter,” says Plaka MD Angelo Haitas, “But our prawn and calamari platters will accommodate those who are fasting and still need to be out and about at restaurants.

Food plays a key role in festivals, and Easter is no exception. Despite dietary restrictions for the period leading up to Easter Sunday, for Greek Orthodox Christians, Easter brings religious traditions together with festive food. In fact for those in the Greek Orthodox faith, Easter is the greatest time of feasting and celebration in the Christian calendar.

Many people of various religions also make similar personal sacrifices during this period. The Jewish holiday of Passover, which usually overlaps the Easter Holiday, requires that bread or anything made from grain be abstained from. Catholicism requires that on Good Friday, red meat is not allowed until Easter Sunday.

No matter your dietary restrictions this Easter season, Plaka has something that will not only accommodate, but also satisfy. In addition to all of the lovely meat and seafood dishes Plaka also features a number of Mediterranean style vegetarian dishes.

Plaka offers fine Greek cuisine in a sophisticated, elegant and minimalist upmarket setting. The hallmark of the restaurants is quality food, professional staff and the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the Greek-med culture. Plaka is a Modern Greek classic.

The prawn and calamari platters will be available until the end of May 2009. Contact the stores directly to make your bookings. For more information, visit the links alongside.

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