Featured Album – Under a New Regime, Fevertree

Featured Album – Under a New Regime, Fevertree

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Quest for a Cure, Fevertree’s debut album, dominated South African radio with five top-ten singles; ‘Addicted’, ‘Million Miles’, ‘You Can Believe’, ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Something in the Way’. Beyond extensive airplay, Quest for a Cure received rave reviews from publications as diverse as Heat, Stage, You and The Star. Thus, it came as no surprise when Fevertree was nominated for “Best Adult Contemporary Album” in the 2004 South African Music Awards.

Constant touring and sold-out shows, ranging from small clubs to gigantic festivals, has enabled Fevertree to develop a captivating live show. A new Fevertree has grown from the kind of experience that can only come with time on the road. The Fevertree rock experience has traditionally been a live one. As the band’s performance has grown from strength to strength, the new recorded work has developed to represent the energy of their concerts.

2007 sees the release of Fevertree’s brand new album Under a New Regime. The album title is a perfect fit for this masterpiece, as this release sees Fevertree embrace a new era and a new sound.

‘Criminal’ boasts a driving bass groove and challenges the negative disposition held by the world and society. ‘It’s Forgiven It’s Forgotten’ makes light of a dark past, forgiven and forgotten by those that love us. One of the most powerful ballads this decade, ‘Come Alive’, is a dark love song which captures one’s emotion with deep lyrics encased in moving strings and piano.

‘Cannot See’, the band’s first single from the album, clearly promotes self-discovery in a moment of truth. ‘Cannot See’ has proven to be the perfect bridging song between the old and new Fevertree, with the new release embracing an edgier rock sound.

It is hard to ignore Fevertree’s growing fan-base, so it was not long before high-profile sponsors were eager to get involved. Current sponsors include Fender Guitars, VW Melrose Arch, Etnies Shoes and EA Games.

The international interest aroused by Quest for a Cure will certainly be heightened by Under a New Regime. It is only a matter of time before Fevertree is rocking on the worldwide stage!

Catch Fevertree live at Tanz Café on Thursday, 5th of April 2007.

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