Festive Fun at Maropeng

Festive Fun at Maropeng

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Did you know? About 2-million years ago, at least two species of ancient hominids roamed the South African landscape. Scientists believe one of them – Homo ergaster – was our direct ancestor. The other, Paranthropus robustus, looked and behaved similarly in some ways, but was very different in others. It belonged to a branch of the human family tree that was doomed to snap off and become extinct.

New Paranthropus exhibition at Maropeng. (Saturday, 6th December – Friday, 6th March 2009)

Come and see for yourself what makes Paranthropus so special. From Saturday, 6th December Friday, 6th March 2009, Maropeng presents original Paranthropus fossils from various sites in the Cradle of Humankind, and others of Homo and other species of animals that lived at the same time in a fascinating new exhibition entitled Paranthropus in Context.

The exhibition is to be housed in Maropeng’s Original Fossil Display. The highlights include:

• Fossils of both Paranthropus and early Homo – what scientists believe to be our direct ancestors – which coexisted in the Cradle of Humankind about 2-million years ago.
• Bone tools that either or both of these species may have made.
• The original burnt bone material that proved that the first evidence of controlled use of fire in Southern Africa was at Swartkrans, in the Cradle of Humankind. Yes, we in Gauteng have been braaing for more than 1-million years! Scientists generally accept that it was Homo, not Paranthropus that was controlling this fire.

The price of admission is included in the normal ticket cost for Maropeng.

Sunday Carvery Lunch:

Enjoy the Maropeng Sunday Carvery lunch at the Tumulus Restaurant .Come and tantalise taste buds with a choice of two roasts, salads and desserts. Acoustic Moodz will provide entertainment as they combine the elegant sound of the guitar and marimba, setting a relaxed and unobtrusive atmosphere to laze the afternoon away. The Sunday carvery lunch is available every Sunday from 12h00 till 15h00 and costs R110 per adult. Bookings can be made with Sylvia on the details alongside.

More Festive Season Activities:

Into The Stars Above And Beyond – Star Lab: (Saturday, 6th of December – Sunday, 11th of January 2009)

StarLab, a portable inflatable planetarium providing children and young adults with an opportunity to learn more about the fascinating topic of astronomy, will once again be hosted at Maropeng. It is kindly on loan from the South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA) from Saturday, 6th of December – Sunday, 11th of January 2009, with lift-off just in time for the school holidays.

The StarLab will be housed in the Tumulus building at Maropeng; with daily sessions at 11h00 and 14h00 at a cost of R25. Tickets for the 45-minute ‘journey’ will be available at the ticket office. The StarLab is ideally combined with a tour of the world-class visitor centre, open daily from 09h00 to 17h00.

End of Year Functions:
If you have left it late or are in need of a venue for your end of year function, bookings are open at Maropeng to cater for your end of year requirements.

Christmas Day Buffet at Maropeng: (Thursday, 25th of December 2008)
Bookings are now open for the Christmas Day lunch at the Tumulus Restaurant and at the Maropeng Hotel. Booking is essential as space is limited.

The Maropeng Hotel is celebrating its Festive Season rates of R620 per person sharing bed and breakfast. Stay in sheer luxury as you rejoice in the festivities of this time of year.

Contact Sylvia on the details alongside for all bookings, menus and further information. Booking is essential for presentations and special events as space is limited. Directions are available on the website alongside.

**Maropeng and Sterkfontein Caves are powered by generators during power outages and continue to operate during load shedding**

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