Feta Stuffed Calamari with Spekko Pure White Rice

Feta Stuffed Calamari with Spekko Pure White Rice

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These stuffed calamari tubes taste like the Mediterranean… feta cheese, fresh herbs, peppadews and pine nuts have to be the best ingredients of the region. I have taken all my favourite ingredients in Greek cuisine and combined them in a delicious stuffing. The creamy feta cheese makes this a moreish starter.


30 medium Falklands Calamari tubes
150g feta cheese
30g coriander, chopped
10ml fresh thyme leaves
6 peppadews, finely chopped
50ml lightly roasted pine nuts
Finely chopped green chilli, optional
Sunflower oil to grill calamari tubes
Lemon wedges to serve

Here’s how

Crumble feta cheese into a mixing bowl. Add fresh chopped herbs, pine nuts and peppadews. Add green chilli if desired. Using a small spoon, stuff each calamari tube with the feta cheese stuffing. Secure each calamari tube with a tooth pick. Heat a cast iron skillet and grill the stuffed calamari tubes with a little sunflower oil until they are golden brown and slightly charred. Serve the calamari with Spekko Pure White Rice and lemon wedges…delicious!

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Yudhika’s Tips:

– Use a Breville Wok to grill the calamari tubes. It cooks calamari tubes in a short time which results in tender and succulent calamari.

– Melt 125g butter and 6 cloves crushed garlic. Heat gently until the butter simmers. Drizzle over the calamari tubes.
– Please check the seasoning before adding more salt. Feta cheese is salty.
– If you don’t have peppadews, sundried tomatoes work well.

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