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There are at least 43,000 MILLIONAIRES in South Africa and THOUSANDS of them have followed the Financial Fitness Money Management and Investment principles with incredible success. If you are paying off a home bond – and feel like you’re getting nowhere or, have been saving money – but achieving low returns – and wondering how to safely get much better growth (to afford everything you ever wanted), then this FREE (but limited to 170 people) seminar is for you.

Join nationally recognised Debt Elimination and Investment Advisor, James Millar and his Financial Fitness team on Wednesday, 10th of September 2008 at the FNB Conference Centre in Sandton. You will learn things about 21st century money management and investing that your parents, teachers, insurance brokers and bank managers have never been able to tell you.

This FREE seminar will introduce:
Paying off your home bond in half the time, or   less.
– Eliminating smaller debts quickly and without   needing a wage increase.
– Learning how the world’s most financially   successful people make decisions.
– Setting up your Financial Freedom Plan.
– How you can retire early, and maintain your desired   lifestyle.


– How to make time consistently compound your   wealth.
– Using the theory of decreasing responsibility to cut   life insurance costs.
What to do with old and under performing   policies.
– Where to get the best returns on investment.
– Understanding the keys to Unit Trusts success.
– How to protect your wealth while you are building it.

Who should attend this presentation?
– If you are paying into policies but don’t know what the   returns have been.
– If you have a home bond but it’s reducing VERY   SLOWLY.
– If you’d like to stop living (surviving?) from pay   cheque to pay cheque.
– If you have investments but do not know if they are   the right ones for you.
– If you are wondering why your insurance premiums go   up by much more than the cover.
– If you have a retirement fund but don’t know if it on   track for a GREAT retirement.
– If you will be retiring within the next ten years.
– If you want to build truly World Class Wealth.

One lucky person stands to win a free course material and personal consultations with our wealth planner.

Seminar Date:
Wednesday, 10th of September 2008

18h30 – 20h30 (Please arrive at 17h30 – 18h00 for registration – there’s limited parking space!)

FNB Conference Centre, 114 Grayston Drive, Sandton

Seminar Fee:
No charge – but priceless. CALL NOW, seating limited to 170 bookings!

Simphiwe Mqala on the details alongside.

Pay it forward:
Seeing this may well be the blessing you have been looking for, so why not ‘pay this favour forward’ by sending this e-mail to a few of your closest friends.

Here’s what some of Financial Fitness’ clients say:

“I immediately took this newfound information and applied it to various portfolios, all of which were extremely productive. My current portfolio is now sitting on 37% growth over 12 months.”
– J.O. Cresta

“I particularly enjoyed the investment part of the course. I feel confident that I now know a lot more about investing in general. I also feel more confident that I can apply that knowledge in my work situation. As the financial manager of a small organisation I often felt we were being led around by the nose by banks and investment advisors.”
– S.P. East London

“I used to be very risk averse and kept my retirement portfolio in a conservative fund. Over the last two years it would have yielded a growth of only 15% per annum. Instead, Financial Fitness has strategically managed the portfolio, placing it in more suitable investments, and has achieved a 74% growth within two years. I’m extremely happy that I placed my trust in them!”
– BK, Grahamstown

“I have dumped all my useless insurance policies and have now begun to invest my earnings in real, wealth-creating, financial vehicles.”
– C.M. Edenvale

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