Five Tips To Survive And Thrive In Your Freshman Year!

It’s a New Year (yay!), a new chapter of life and, for some, it’s time to move out of the nest and start living (an even bigger yay!). We’ve put together a few tips that may come in handy while you prepare to become a functioning member of society.


Don’t Skip Class

Before getting swallowed up by the first-year vibe, remember why you’re there – to study, chase your dreams and start living them. If you’re lucky enough to make it out of varsity successfully, that is! So, without trying to sound like your parents, attending class would be an obvious choice and a very important one, too. Don’t miss out on your social life, just don’t stay up till 03:00 if you’ve got an early morning class the next day.

Keep Up To Date

Unlike in high school, time flies when you’re in varsity! With no one reminding you to check the notice board (which is always visible but easy to miss at the same time) and teachers always hounding you for assignments and notes, before you know it, you’ve already missed a semester test! Now, you wouldn’t want to write a supplementary test because those always seem to turn out much harder than the first set of tests. So it’s best to keep a diary (or actually use the calendar in your phone) and save the dates. As for keeping up to date with lectures, take notes, get a tape recorder if you have to, and always back your work up on extra USBs – you know, just in case the one with your potentially award-winning assignments on it decides to flake on you. It happens.

Know What A Budget Is

As a varsity student, there’s always something to do – and trust us your money will never be enough to do it all! From mid-week club hopping and retail therapy after every bad day, to always getting take-outs for dinner, your wallet is bound to complain. Welcome to the student life and the struggles of savings! You’ll thank us later.

Get Involved On Campus

As a first year, you experience the feeling of not quite fitting in and maybe being a little homesick at times. Well, the varsity life will grow on you and you’ll eventually have to leave that rock you are hiding under and join in on a few campus activities, just be careful not to go overboard. There are plenty of student organisations, clubs, sororities or fraternities and sports teams. You’ll soon make new friends, learn new skills, and feel more connected to your school. Winning.

Don’t Be Afraid

We say give it a couple of days and people will eventually forget that you’re the fresh meat who’s always getting lost while trying to make their way to lectures. Before you know it, you’ll forget all about life before varsity!

Enjoy your time of studies and make the most of it. Go out there, make those mistakes and then learn from them. Good luck!


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