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Focal Fusion specialise in creative, fun and mood capturing wedding photo’s, family portraits in your own home, corporate functions and any other special events.

About Focal Fusion

Chris bought his first SLR camera while studying during 1977. The interest in photography grew to setting up a darkroom and processing and printing his own prints.

Now utilising professional labs, his technical background has resulted in an ability to capture the personality of people, the twinkle in an eye, a stolen look or a radiant smile. These are the memories that make up a special day!

Nicki, Chris’ wife, works with him and she ensures that the bride looks her best at all times, that the dress is well positioned and displayed, that there is no lipstick on teeth or mascara that has run after an emotional service! Nicki also has an uncanny ability to set a nervous bride at ease.

As a team, they work at making your day the wonderful experience it should be!

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