Food Capers – Health on the go!

Food Capers – Health on the go!

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Health and convenience, brought to your doorstep.

Why do we not eat healthily?

There are many publications and food plans available but for them to be successful requires input from the user. Most people are too busy to find and purchase health food, let alone prepare it themselves. The general availability of health food is also problematic. What we also do not always understand is that food that is healthy for some is not necessarily healthy for others.

Benefits of Health Eating

Eating correctly will make you feel and look good, will increase your ability to handle stress, reduce the incidence of heart disease and cancer as well as increase your resistance to colds and flu. Specifically designed and prepared food will also be beneficial for conditions such as spastic colon, candida and diabetes.

Remember, eating correctly does not necessarily mean boring tasteless foods.

What is Food Capers?

Food Capers not only provides menu plans for general healthy eating, more importantly we also provide menu plans for specific health conditions.

Each of our special dishes have been developed in conjunction with a network of professional dieticians, each a specialist in their field. An ongoing relationship with these healthcare professionals ensure that we are continuously briefed on up to date dietetic information.

Our meals are low GI and offer a controlled glycemic load, which results in a slow release of sugars into the blood stream at a constant rate, thereby sustaining energy levels and reducing cravings. The low GI meals are very beneficial for diabetes.

How will we solve your problem?

To cater for your fast lifestyle and to take the guesswork out of your meal planning, we offer delicious, well balanced breakfasts, lunches, afternoon snacks and dinners, tailored to your requirements and delivered to your doorstep.

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