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Right, so by now you should have an inkling that a major sporting event is happening. Maybe you realised it too late and did not have a chance to get tickets to any of the games. So you have a flag to wave and a vuvuzela to blow, but nowhere to watch the matches. Fear not, the Joburg team has rounded up all the hotspots.

Fan Parks

These are viewing areas that will be open to the public on match days and will be able to cater for larger crowds.

Mary Fitzgerald Square, Newtown: official 2010 Fan Park with its centralised location and easy access via public transport.
Innes-Free Park, Sandton: the northern suburbs, Alexandra, Diepsloot and Ivory Park are covered for some free viewing.
Elkah Stadium, Soweto: caters to the South including areas such as Soweto, Eldorado Park and Orange Farm.
Troyville and Kensington Fan Village: set in a historical part of the city, this fan village in Roberts Avenue is a fantastic venue as crafters and traders can sell their wares to soccer fans.

Jen says:
“These parks will draw crowds larger than J-Lo’s derrière. Great for atmosphere, perhaps a bit of a problem logistically – the surrounding areas will be zoned in a similar fashion to the stadiums”

Private Viewing Areas

Joburg will have a few of these scattered around the city, some will have free entrance, some will charge. Viewing areas such as these may be more child-friendly.

Melrose Arch: games will be screened live at Melrose Arch’s public viewing areas from June 11 on 3D Big Screens inside the Emporium. Read more

Montecasino: Monte has pulled out all the stops in their MTN Fan Zone. Watch all the games on the giant Outdoor Piazza screen. Booking is essential. R50 per person Read more

The Grace Hotel: the Rooftop Fanville that will allow you sample international beers as will as cuisine that matches the countries that are playing. Read more

Emperors Palace: the Laduma Fun Park will cost you R40 entrance, for which you will get to watch the big game in peace of mind knowing that the kids are being looked after by professional minders in the children’s play area. Sporstville is also worth checking out. Read more

International Football Village: the Birchwood Hotel & Conference Centre which will house a 2000 seat arena that will host other entertainment throughout the tournament. Read more

Jen says:
“Hmmm, these venues will probably be a bit pricier than the fan parks or local pubs but will no doubt be well organised, child friendly and cater for those who want a few comforts. Sometimes us girls just want to go somewhere where we can powder our noses (in a non-Kate Moss kind of way).

Pubs and restaurants

Maybe you don’t feel like fighting tens of thousands of people and would prefer to head to a local watering hole (where everybody knows your name). We’ve checked up to see which ones will be screening games. Read the full list

Jen says:
“While I like the idea of watching games in a relaxed setting such as a pub I just KNOW that my husband will throw his name away. He will no doubt be singing at the top of his voice like a cat in heat. Still, he sounds better Justin Bieber.”

Jen’s Top Tips

Ok, with the wealth of information available it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what is going to happen over the next month. Road closures will be in effect for a period before and after each game. This is to allow teams, dignitaries, officials and service providers access to the stadiums. Your husband won’t want the beer delivery truck to be late for the game would he? Or the teams for that matter. And you won’t want hotties like David Beckham to be stuck in traffic. Not sure what he sees in that stick insect he calls his wife.

Parking may be an issue – car pool with friends or family. Try arrive at your viewing area early as you don’t want to miss kick-off because you are hunting a parking spot.

If you plan on sampling more than one alcoholic beverage, appoint a designated driver or arrange a taxi service PRIOR to your big night out as they will be booked in advance. The streets will be well policed, so unless you actually want to spend time in the slammer with the dregs of society (or Paris Hilton) it’s best not to aggravate the law.

Hopefully this won’t be an issue, but remember to watch your belongings. Keep a close eye on handbags, cellphones and wallets as pick-pockets often operate in large crowds. At the same time, people are sure to be a bit merry, particularly if their team wins. Don’t mistake their friendliness as a cover for criminal activities and pepper-spray them. Unless they resemble an Idols judge in which case let them have it!

A GPS is a wonderful tool as it proves your husband wrong when it comes to directions. However, when plotting routes during the World Cup remember that it may not know which roads are closed (it was probably designed by a male with no powers of foresight). Cross reference our PDF’s with a map book.

And finally, remember that a vuvuzela doubles as a weapon. I plan to use mine to beat off any woman who tries to come between David Beckham and me.

Download the match schedule (PDF)
Download road closure information (PDF)

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