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Forgotten Treats

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With the current economic climate and people being more aware of their spending, Joburgers are starting to look for cheaper options for their December break. Many people are choosing to relax at home this season but what about all the close by treasures and weekend getaways available to the budget conscious Joburger? Read on for some great ideas on short trips from Joburg.

With everything going on in Joburg and all the pressures of city life, the average resident forgets about little gems like Nelspruit, White River and the entire Lowveld area. It takes three hours by car and around 45 minutes by small aircraft from Lanseria or O.R Tambo, making this a great destination for weekenders. The Lowveld is a diverse beauty with fantastic bushveld, breathtaking views and great fishing for the anglers. The Lowveld is well known for its many borders with the Kruger National Park which makes for a nice game drive but is just one of the many attractions in the area. If you decide to take a break to this area of the world, make sure you check out the Pilgrims rest area, with its old mining, vintage feel and interesting facts surrounding it.

Although not a forgotten treasure, Harties is an old Joburg favorite which has developed into a mature tourist destination with cottages, guesthouses and motels lining the beautiful dam not to mention all the shops and amenities a Joburger could ever need. Nothing beats a booze cruise on the dam or a braai along the waters edge with the sound of water birds to sooth you. One of the big upsides are all the different lodgings making it very easy for one to find accommodation during their stay.

Magaliesberg is a true gem and only 45 minutes drive from most parts of Johannesburg. Magalies, like Harties has developed an incredibly concise little tourist hotspot with its mystical green foliage and outstanding hikes. Magalies has got all the shops and restaurants to please a visitor and yet maintains a raw untouched feeling not to mention a rich history, dating back to the great trek.

So instead of a pricey beach break this holiday, why not try one of these tranquil treats?

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