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Free Fax 2 Email Service

If you can download your email, why not download your faxes as well? You can save a fortune on fax rolls, paper, ink, Telkom dedicated fax lines and time by selecting only the faxes you need to print. Your fax line will never be busy or out of order! So if receiving faxes are important to you or your business or home, then Free Fax 2 Email is for you.

Why would I want to sign up?

– Your fax number will never be busy

– Doesn’t use toner, ink or paper to receive junk faxes

– Save on dedicated line rental costs

– No need to have an expensive fax machine

– You can forward faxes to anywhere in the world via your email

– You can receive and view your faxes from anywhere in the world (email account dependent)

– File your faxes electronically – no need for paper-based filing systems

– Print only those faxes you want to in high quality

– For corporate users you can assign individual fax numbers to your staff

Fax number for life!

Remember the times when you moved office or home, and had to go through the processes of having Telkom disconnect your old number, and activate new lines, etc. Well, that is no longer the case with Free Fax 2 Email and PC2Fax! As long as you have the same email address, you can continue sending and receiving faxes as usual with no disruption to you. And, if you ever do change your email address, their support centre will gladly reallocate your number to your new email address immediately.

How does it work?

Once you have signed up, you will receive your unique 086 number. That will be your new fax number. When a fax is received, it will be emailed to your email address immediately. And, what’s more, it costs you, the receiver, NOTHING AT ALL! Calls are charged to the sender by Telkom at a standard fax to email cost. You don’t even need special software to view your faxes. In fact, your faxes are best viewed and printed from Windows Imaging Software which is included with MS Windows.

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