Fried and baked shrimp Spekko Rice served with lime and mint Kob

Fried and baked shrimp Spekko Rice served with lime and mint Kob

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Citrum Khumalo is this week’s celebrity Spekko Rice chef. He used Spekko Brown Rice in compiling this fish recipe.

480g Spekko Brown Rice

½ onion sliced

¼ tsp garlic
1tsp dill seeds

1 green pepper cut into small dice
10 ml fish sauce
¼ bunch Italian parsley chopped
4 eggs
100ml rice wine
3 lime zest
3 lime juice
200g butter
600g Kob fillets or firm white fish

2 tbsp chopped fresh mint
100ml melted butter mixed with chopped parsley and mint & lime juice
1 punnet baby spinach
1 punnet Strawberries cut into small wedges
25ml red wine vinegar
100ml olive oil
1tsp brown sugar

Here’s how

  1. In a sauce pan sauté onions using 25g of butter and 25ml olive oil until translucent add dill seeds, peppers and garlic cook for 3 minutes then add rice, continue to fry rice for 6 minutes until well coated with the onion mixture add salt and pepper then add 1.5 litter of water bring to boil and simmer until all water has evaporated remove from heat and set aside
  2. In a clean pan heat a little olive oil sauté shrimps add parsley and season with fish sauce take off the heat and combine shrimps and rice, mix eggs with rice vinegar fold into a cooled shrimp mixture, spread on a baking sheet and bake in a pre heated oven 180 degrees for 10 minutes, remove and set aside
  3. Marinate kob with salt and lime juice top with lime zests and char grill for about 6 minutes turning the fish once, brush fish with parsley butter
  4. In a clean bowl toss strawberries and baby spinach and sesame seeds together
  5. Cut rice into desired size and shape, top with fish and accompany with a spinach strawberry salad
  6. Make a dressing using 100ml olive oil, 25 ml vinegar season with sugar, salt and pepper and drizzle over fish and salad

Chef Citrum Khumalo
Chef Citrum Khumalo, one of South Africa’s most well-recognized chefs, has won numerous awards in local and international competitions. He was a member of the Youth Team South Africa which competed in the World Youth Championships in Holland in 2001, bringing home gold and third place overall in the world. Citrum was also elected to represent Africa in a world Competition held in Iceland in 2006…..Read more…

In Joburg Edition 265 we ran a recipe for Dhiveja’s delicious prawn curry. Some of the ingredients were listed using traditional Indian names for some of the spices. To avoid confusion, we have now included the South African names of these spices. Have a look at the revised recipe.

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