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FRIENDS was created by Michelle Myers, who has a BA Honours in Psychology and her Masters in Business Administration. Michelle understands the needs of single professionals and the hindrances to meeting like-minded people. Added to her social and personal experience, Michelle has the academic and working experience to ensure the success of her undertakings and fulfilment of her clients.

Why FRIENDS is different

Michelle interviews you personally and takes you through a number of assessments, that no other organisation or person offers.

How FRIENDS finds you a relationship that works

You will discover more about creating and maintaining a healthy relationship with another person. Through FRIENDS’ personality assessment you will gain great insight and understanding into who you are, your character and behaviour. This also gives FRIENDS a sense of your unique essence so they can connect you with the right people for you.

You too can be one of FRIENDS’ success stories

Over 2300 introductions have been made through FRIENDS to date, with 18 couples together this year so far.

For more information on FRIENDS and to see their “sex stats” visit their website or call Michelle or Jodi (contact links alongside).

Everybody needs FRIENDS.

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