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HTC’s Touch 2 is a very solid phone. It runs on Windows Mobile 6.5, a much-improved version of Microsoft’s phone operating system that is faster than previous versions, making the phone impressively responsive.

It also ships with plenty of applications, like mobile versions of Microsoft’s popular Office programs, Google Maps, integration with Windows Live services, Adobe Reader and more. Exchange is also supported for enterprise e-mail, as well as Hotmail, Gmail and other popular web-based e-mail services. The Touch 2 is, as a result, an excellent business phone.

There is also a camera, although at only 3.2MP pictures are nothing spectacular.

Nippy response with a reactive touch screen and tons of applications means the Touch 2 is easily able to handle most tasks a busy person will throw at it. The interface is a wee bit cluttered and it can be hard, at first, to find your way around, but these are minor flaws.

• Uses Windows Mobile 6.5
• Touch screen phone
• Plenty of features

R4 999.95

Rating: 4/5

Sony PlayStation 3 Bundle

• Games console and Blu-ray player
• Bundled with two Blu-ray movies
• 250GB Hard Drive

R4 299.95

As we enter the run-up to the holiday season, thoughts inevitably turn to gift-giving. Bundles start appearing on store shelves, offering great value, making this time of year one of the best times to bargain-hunt.

Sony’s amazing PlayStation 3 console recently underwent cosmetic surgery, and appears more svelte and chic than it did this time last year. It also experienced a price drop, bringing the games console within reach of more South Africans. More importantly, it brought Blu-ray movie-playing capabilities to more people thanks to an integrated Blu-ray disc drive.

Bundled with the console are two blockbuster movies, The Dark Knight and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, both excellent in their own right. Presented in high definition Blu-ray format, these are great popcorn movies, perfect for viewing on big HD TV screens.

If you’ve been putting off buying a console or Blu-ray player, now is a great time to get both in the form of a PS3.

Rating: 4/5


• Open-world first person shooter
• Stylised cel-shaded graphics
• For PC, PS3, XBOX360

Gamers looking for an open-world shooter with style, panache and plenty of punch need look no further than the excellent Borderlands. With graphics that make it look like a three-dimensional graphic novel, it plays out its story in style.

Players take on the role of a soldier, a super-beefy steroid giant, a sneaky assassin or a hunter, each with their own strengths and weaknesses in combat, on an alien world called Pandora. A mysterious alien vault full of alien technology is rumoured to exist, and players set out on a journey filled with conflict to find it.

Shooting, driving vehicles, uncovering artefacts and slaughtering the local alien fauna is what awaits players in Borderlands, alone or with friends. It’s not a game for the young ‘uns, though, as it is a bit graphic in its depictions of violence.

Rating: ****

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