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Gadgets you need to know about

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Logitech SpeakerLapdesk N700
• Designed to keep your legs cool
• Angles laptop for optimal viewing
• USB-powered speakers built in


When notebooks are used on laps, they become uncomfortable after a few minutes due to the heat they generate.

Logitech’s genius Lapdesk product addressed this by providing a solid platform for your notebook with padding underneath to insulate your legs against any heat build-up. The next model on, the N700, adds to that design by also integrating USB-powered speakers to enhance your movie or TV-watching experience.

Best of all, the overall design allows you to lie on your bed or lounge on your couch while watching whatever entertainment you have on your notebook. The angled surface lets you do that, and the laptop is prevented from sliding off by small clips.

The USB-powered speakers are more powerful than the average notebook speaker, and a USB-powered fan helps disperse warm air evenly.

For laptop lovers who use their notebooks for entertainment in a reclined position, this product is the perfect answer to their heat problems.

Rating: 5/5

Sony Vaio VPC-117
• Intel Core i7-powered
• 16.4” entertainment notebook
• Plays Blu-ray movies

R19 999.95

If you’re in the market for a Vaio, this is the one to go for. It has absolutely everything you could want in a notebook computer – power, speed, versatility, a brilliant screen and the ability to play Blu-ray movies. Sure, it’s a little big and heavy, but it has to be to contain all the features that make it worth owning.

Its external casing looks good, too: its silvery and chrome plastic makes it look the part of a powerful portable computer. It’s the 16.4” full HD screen that will really impress with its clarity and sharpness, and its ample brightness and great contrast will perfectly complement whatever movie you might want to watch.

And it’s fast… very fast! Intel’s Core i7 and 6GB of system RAM takes care of that. This is truly a notebook worth saving for, easily earning Connect’s seal of approval.

Sony Ericsson Aino
• Slide-phone form factor
• Streams movies from a PS3
• Touchscreen and keypad interface

R6 999.95

Sony Ericsson phones have long been favourites here at Connect due to their simple yet intuitive interface, their ease of use, and their build quality. The Aino embodies all of these characteristics, and more – it also streams movies from a PS3 when connected to the same wireless network.

This is in addition to its hybrid touchscreen/keypad interface, which lets you use the touchscreen when it is closed to access your media and relies on the keypad to navigate when open. Both methods are pleasant to use, although it is a bit annoying that the touch screen locks when the phone is open.

By connecting the device to your home Wi-Fi network and authorising it on the PS3, it is possible to watch a movie that is playing on your PS3, on your phone. In all, a fantastic phone and a must-have for SE fans.

Rating: 5/5

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