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Holiday Performing Arts Camp

Following from the success of last year’s Performing Arts Workshop, Gecko Valley
will be presenting its Winter Holiday Camp from Monday, 23rd of June to Friday, 11th of July.

For the first time in South Africa children have the opportunity to attend an “American Style” Performing Arts Camp.

The seven day Performing Arts Workshops are presented by experts in the field of drama,
singing, dancing, backstage, film, technical production and theatre management.

Accommodation in comfortable Bungalows, three meals per day and optional tuck-shop will all feature part of the camp experience. Transport to the camp can be arranged at a nominal fee with transport back to Johannesburg.

Adventure and recreational activities includes: paint ball, canoeing, mountain biking, trampolines, obstacle course, swings, volleyball, ball games, lantern stalking, crafts such as beading and lots more.

Gecko Valley will feature several Variety camps per year. These Camps include the following features:

– Variety production (Singing, Acting, Dancing or special talent) with full light and sound
– 8 day camp with emphasis on Acting, Singing and Dancing
– All regular physical activitie. (Horse riding, River sports ETC)
– Show attendance by Agents and talent scouts
– Press reviews
– DVD Filming (optional purchace)

Week 1: Monday, 23rd of June to Sunday, 29th of June
Week 2: Saturday, 28th of June to Friday, 4th of July
Week 3: Saturday, 5th of July to Friday, 11th July

Cost: R1750.00
Due to limited space parents are requested to make bookings early.

For booking information, please see links alongside.

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