Where To Get Your Chilli Kick In Joburg

Nothing tastes quite as good as a chilli or spicy meal on a cold winter’s evening. So we have compiled a list of restaurants to visit for great hot meals!


Hot Pot Curries

If you’re looking for a spicy and hot bunny chow or a quick curry, this is a definite must-try. Their Durban curry is quite popular with the regulars, so if they vouch for it, we say, try it first!

Contact: 011 781 5198

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Hot Spot Curry Den

If you find yourself bitten by the chilli bug in Oakdene, drop by this joint for your chilli kick and try one of their curries. Best part, if you’re vegetarian, there’s also a curry dish for you!

Contact: 011 435 8503

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Cafe Mexicho

Mexican food is infamous for being super hot, so if you’re a chilli fanatic then Mexican food is exactly what you need. Try the quesadillas for a spicy delight!

Contact: 074 775 9758

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Mama Mexicana

Don’t mess with the chilli hotness of this restaurant’s meals. Seriously, if you can’t handle chilli, keep it mild. But for chilli experts, there’s no better spicy kick than one from this joint!

Contact: 011 334 1982

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The Good Luck Club

This restaurant has exquisite Thai food and curries. Just the sight of the food will have your mouth watering. Plus, their in-house chopped chilli condiment is the bomb!

Contact: 011 447 3816

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RocoMamas – Bedfordview

We went in search of Joburg’s HOTTEST burger and discovered RocoMamas‘s “Bedford Bomb”!
Have you got what it takes???

Joburg's Hottest Burger – The Bedford Bomb @ Rocomamas Bedford…

We went in search of Joburg's HOTTEST burger and discovered RocoMamas's "Bedford Bomb"!Have you got what it takes??? Tag a friend to challenge them! 😅

Posted by Joburg.co.za on Tuesday, 11 July 2017


Contact: 011 450 1017

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If the thought of Portuguese peri-peri sauce on your line fish, steak, chicken or prawn sounds like utopia, you might want to go to this restaurant immediately! You won’t be disappointed.

Contact: 072 449 7809

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Beira Alta

As any chilli addict would tell you, you often suffer withdrawal symptoms from not having enough chilli food in your diet. Beira Alta will definitely fix you up with their peri-peri meals that hit the spot!

Contact: 011 511 1307

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Food at Dylan’s will have you rolling your eyes back with sheer pleasure. And for your chilli kick, go straight for the Jalapeño Burger or Chilli Burger – definite hunger buster and chilli kicker!

Contact: 011 884 7035

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Salsa Mexican Grill

So you want the chilli food but with the social vibe atmosphere? You and your friends can enjoy some spicy nachos and jalapeño poppers that will have everyone heated up at this restaurant.

Contact: 011 465 3199

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Perron has great cocktails and the perfect Mexican food to go with it. Located in Illovo Junction and Hobart Grove Centre in Bryanston, if you haven’t already been to either, then you’re not serious about your chili.

Contact: 011 880 7296

For more information, click here.


In the heart of Linden hides one of our favourite restaurants in the country. Authentic Indian is the name of the game and we love playing there. This restaurant, right next to the Whippet, comes highly recommended for all things spicy. Their curries come in three choices: not spicy, mild and hot. The hot is perfectly hot and not under nor overwhelming as other restaurants. We recommend the vegetarian curries as every one of them is amazing.


Contact: 011 912 7770 

By Cleopatra Shava and Shawn Greyling

Know of other chilli spots we haven’t mentioned? Let us know below!

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