Get Healthy Without a Gym!

It’s that time of the year when you actually have to make good on all those New Year’s resolutions and health/weight-loss is often top of the list. You could go and take out a two year payment plan for a gym and then stop using it after a month or you can take my advice and do something a little different, and a little less costly too which is another factor to consider in January.


This is what we all wish we look like exercising

My idea is simple – make gyming more fun and I’m more likely to stick with it. That being said I also don’t want to enter into any contracts that I will be paying off for years so here’s a few ideas to get you started:

Outdoor Green Gyming
The Hyundai Sky Park (ex-Mushroom Farm Park) in Sandton is a great place to try some alternative and CHEAP gyming. The park features an eco-friendly exercise area free for use by visitors and is the perfect way to break a sweat and get some fresh air at the same time.
Where? Daisy Street, Sandown.

Climb your way to better health
Rock climbing is not only super-fun, but also an amazing workout at the same time. The real beauty is that you see and feel your achievements step by step when you complete a new wall and move onto something a little more challenging. Our web-designer Berno gave it a try and had this to say

“The whole experience is quite a rush, especially if you’re not used to scaling tall buildings… Once you’re hooked, you’ll find yourself buying your own climbing gear before your wife can say “boys and their toys”. This exercise can be great for the whole family though, as they’ve got different levels of difficulty available.”.

Where? Wonderwall, Unit 1, Kya Sands Industrial Village, 22 Elsacar Street, Kya Sands
Price? R50 to R65 for a full day of fun.

Hike at high speed!
Trail running is all the buzz at the moment ever since Matthew McConaughey mentioned that this is his preferred method of exercise and I guess who can deny that it seems to be working well for him? Trail running is basically the act of carefully running on a hiking trail without falling or slipping on any rocks. It sounds crazy and the truth isn’t far from it. This is singularly one of the hardest runs you will ever do but the upsides are plenty. You get a great workout, fresh air and the sites you’d usually get from a hike – Win/Win!
Where You can trail run on any hiking trails but the Braamfontein Spruit is quite a popular one. Parking at the Sandton Field and Study Centre in Louise Avenue, Parkmore.

Shockingly easy
Newly opened in Sandton is the Bodytec EMS gym. EMS stands for Electro Muscular Stimulation and is basically a really cool way to work out. You wear a bodysuit that covers all your muscles and stimulates them while you do a low impact workout and the electro-pads multiply the intensity. The technology has been around for a while but this really takes it to another level. The best part is that you only need to train once a week with EMS!
Where is it? Grayston Shopping Centre, Corner of Grayston Drive and Helen Road, Sandton.
Price Call +27 11 784 0890 for pricing but be warned, this is not the cheapest option on my list.

Sweat it out
Another new fitness craze which has swept Johannesburg is Sweat 1000. It’s called that because you apparently burn 1000 calories during your session with them and judging from this review our sister publication did, it’s probably true. You wouldn’t need to do this too often, making it a winner for those looking to spend less time exercising each week.
Where is it? Shop L7a; Morningside Shopping Center; Corner Rivonia Road and Outspan Road; Sandton
How much does it cost? R195 per session, again, not the cheapest option on the list.

kick it in some kicks
This idea is for those of you that want to capitalise on any effort made throughout the day, so if you are like me, this should be quite appealing. The Reebok Toning shoes have been around for a few years and have had a great response from the public. Celebs like Kim K even wore them making me even more keen to get a pair. The idea is that the ball type shape at the bottom of the sole forces you to exert more effort while training. There have since been counter-claims and the likes but Reebok have maintained their position and are continuing to market the range. Worth a try?
Where? You can get them at Reebok stockists nationwide.

Reebok Truetone

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