Get Ready For Summer With EMSTT!

Let’s face it, during winter we tend to eat a little more than we usually do. It could be due to a natural instinct to ‘layer up’ (in fat that is) in order to keep warm, or it’s possibly just the fact that comfort food is the best way to beat the winter blues! There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of extra weight, but when summer comes around, there’s a problem – we all want to be bikini-ready. So, if you are looking to get ready for summer by losing those pesky extra kilos that winter happily bestowed upon you, EMSTT can help you maximise your workout!

Our Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Join EMSTT: Centre Of Excellence

Losing that winter weight and getting into shape can be a bit of a mission, but thanks to EMSTT: Centre of Excellence, where training is done with qualified Biokineticists, this goal can be achieved! Here are our top 10 reasons why you should head to their studio and give Electro Muscle Stimulation a go:

• It strengthens core muscles and other muscles that are important for joint stability.
• Improves your posture.
• Enhances overall body performance.
• Corrects muscle imbalances.
• Improves circulation and increases metabolism.
• Increases cardiovascular performance.
• Reduces body fat and cellulite, and prevents varicose veins.
• Tightens connective tissue.
• Improves muscle strength, speed and endurance.
• And, reduces muscular pain post workout.

If that’s not enough to get you off of the couch to make a bee-line to a EMSTT: Centre of Excellence studio near you, then we don’t know what will! Plus, if you are looking for a little bit more of a challenge on your journey to becoming a fitter and healthier you, then you need to sign up for the EMSTT 12-week Body Transformation Challenge!

Sign Up For the EMSTT 12-Week Body Transformation Challenge!

Did you know that their 20 minute work-out per week is equivalent to 6/7 hours in the gym? Sign up now and transform your body in 12 weeks! The deadline for entries to this challenge closes on Tuesday, 30 June 2015 and the challenge begins on Monday 06 July 2015. Entrants stand the chance to win amazing prizes, including a free 10-session contract for a male and a female winner of the challenge, valued at R7,000!

An entrance fee of R50 will be charged on submission of application to the challenge. All proceeds from the entrance fees will be donated to the Princess Alice Adoption Home in aid of caring for abandoned, abused, and soon-to-be adopted babies.

Application forms can be collected from their studio in Parkview.

For more information

For more information about EMSTT: Centre of Excellence or the EMSTT 12-Week Body Transformation Challenge, visit their website at, or call them on (011) 486 0169 / 083 375 8596 / 083 325 6300.

You can also join them on Facebook or visit their studio at the following address: 1st Floor, Unit 7, The Village Shopping Centre, 60 Tyrone Avenue, Parkview or email them on, and Or check them out on Twitter and Instagram.

EMSTT’s studio in the South – 69 Michelle Avenue, Randhart, Alberton – is a proud advocate of The Door of Hope children’s mission. For more info on this and on the South studio, you can email them on

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