Get Your Thai Fix At The Good Luck Club!

In the mood for some Thai? Then you’re in the mood to visit The Good Luck Club in Illovo Junction! 

Although The Good Luck Club is open for both lunch and dinner, my favourite time to visit the restaurant is towards the end of the day for dinner. The venue has an intimate, picturesque ambience aided to by the low lights. The overall décor shines through more for me at night time. Walking into the venue feels like walking into a slice of a fairytale, definitely my favourite spot on Illovo Junction.

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At first glance I wasn’t sure what to pick from the menu because everything sounded great. Eventually, despite the waiter’s warnings against something so bold he thought, I chose the Beef In Satay Sauce. His fear was that I might not find the peanut butter element to it enjoyable but to his relief and my absolute delight, the meal was divine! The sauce was impeccably made and the flavours of the dish all burst through in a perfectly blended manner that had me bite my own tongue. Some food choices I’m definitely keen to try next time around are the Honey Soy Chicken, which the waiter kept insisting I try instead, and the Beef Teriyaki.


The Good Luck Club also has a selection of starters, soups, curries and desserts. Because I’m a sucker for sweet treats and chocolatey things, I had to try the Banana Chocolate Spring Rolls with Chocolate Dipping Sauce – if the sound of that didn’t make your tastebuds excited, then you must really not like dessert. Anyway, just like the main meal, the desert was absolutely divine! I literally went to food heaven and came back.

By Cleopatra Shava

[Images sourced from their Facebook page]

For more information about The Good Luck Club, click here.

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