Get The Perfect Gift From Bagmee

No more last minute scrounging around for a great Valentine’s Day gift. Bagmee has the answer to your perfect present needs thanks to their stunning collection of handbags. 

What is it?

Guys, are you looking for that perfect gift to give your lady this Valentine’s Day? Then stop right there because Bagmee has got just the thing! Their stunning range of handbags will delight your partner – all Bagmee’s bags are of excellent quality. They have a range of brands, curating a variety of handbags that are accessible and appealing to SA’s fashion forward women. Plus, you can buy all their products online!

About the brand

Bagmee is a family-run e-commerce company that operates out of Cape Town. They’re with it when it comes to the latest trends, pride themselves on customer service and aim to be superior in their speed of delivery and personalization of order! What really sets Bagmee apart is that they specialise in handbags and don’t sell anything but, which means that they truly are experts!


Where to buy

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a Bagmee handbag, visit their website here, email them on, give them a call on 082 457 5570, like them on Facebook, follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Happy shopping and happy Valentine’s Day!


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